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Dedicated to the Promotion, Teaching and Development of Spirit Communication
Since 1956.

Raising the standard of mediumship for over 65 years.



Our History 

On Friday 18th May 1956, six people met at Balham Park Hall, south-west London, by invitation of medium Bertha Harris (affectionately known as "Battling Bertha") accompanied by Ben Harrington, O.B.E, and medium Russell Harwood to discuss the formation of a new organisation for mediums and mediumship. A donation from those present, including Harold Vigurs, enabled letters of invitation to be sent to all known London mediums, if interested, to attend the next meeting.

An illustrious register of names records the strong support readily given, and a Constitution was drafted, the name of the Union of Spiritualist Mediums chosen, and preparations for public meetings to offer evidence of Spiritualism's truth. A quarterly posting of information to members was promoted to be called "The Medium," which today is the organisation's official journal. Small meetings were planned to promote new young mediums and provide provincial mediums with a chance to show what they could do before a London audience, termed "Fledglings' Meetings." When the standard of these workers is suitably proficient, the Institute awards them a Probationer's Certificate as a foundation for public work.


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The Institute of Spiritualist Mediums (I.S.M) sole aim is to promote, encourage and maintain excellence in mediumship through education and assessment. This is achieved through local Branch workshops, study days and occasional residential weekend seminars, underpinned by a formal assessment and accreditation process.






Why not join us online, or at one of our branches and develop your spiritual awareness? Our experienced tutors run various classes, workshops and educational residential workshops throughout the year. 

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