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Tarot Cards

Dedicated to the Promotion, Teaching and Development of Spirit Communication
Since 1956.


Develop your mediumship at one of our physical branches throughout the South East

Online events

Join us on Zoom for an array of workshops, open circles, evenings of clairvoyance and various other tutorials


Gain validation and recognition of your Mediumship through ISM accreditation, ensuring professionalism and peace of mind for clients.


The ISM's residential weekends cover an assortment of topics relating to spiritual development

The Institute of Spiritualist Mediums (ISM) is dedicated to advancing the art of mediumship by promoting education, fostering excellence, and ensuring standards are upheld. Through a variety of avenues such as localised branch workshops, virtual events, study days, and periodic residential seminars, the ISM provides a comprehensive platform for learning and growth. Our rigorous assessment and accreditation processes further underscore our commitment to maintaining the highest levels of proficiency and quality in the field of mediumship.

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