The ISM holds assessment meetings three times a year

They are usually held in the months of March, June and September

See Assessment Dates page for next meeting.

All are welcome to support the mediums of tomorrow, admission is free. Please come and be a supportive, sympathetic audience for these workers to encourage them in their efforts to become better mediums. If you wish to take part, being able to use your gifts for a talk or a demonstration of Spirit Communication for about 15 minutes, then please contact the RAM Registrar

- as should any circle leader who considers a sitter has reached the stage where he/she might benefit from exposure to platform experience and an assessment of their work in public by an experienced panel.

On each occasion a summary of the assessment of the panelists will be forwarded to the aspiring mediums, in the hope that it will be accepted as helpful advice towards becoming mediums of the highest possible standard. The Institute presents their Probationary Certificate to those workers who attain a sufficiently high standard.

For further details on how to apply please contact:

The RAM Registrar Tel 01376 529949

or email