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About the ISM

Established in 1956, the Institute of Spiritualist Mediums (ISM) stands as a distinguished organisation dedicated to the advancement of mediumship and spiritual development. Despite not owning property or conducting regular church services, the ISM remains steadfast as "a vehicle for the work of Spirit," committed to upholding the highest standards in spiritual practice.

Educational Initiatives

The ISM offers a diverse range of educational initiatives aimed at individuals interested in developing their mediumistic abilities. From comprehensive workshops to online events and fortnightly Open Circles, we provide opportunities for spiritual seekers to enhance their understanding and practice of mediumship.

Accreditation and Recognition

One of the core functions of the ISM is to provide accreditation and recognition for mediums who have demonstrated a high standard of proficiency and knowledge in spiritual principles. Through our rigorous accreditation process, mediums can attain registration as Approved Mediums (ISM/RAM), assuring the public of their expertise and integrity.

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Commitment to Excellence

The ISM is renowned for its commitment to excellence in teaching and presentation, achieved through the dedication of our volunteer committee members and tutors. Despite having no paid employees, we strive to maintain a forward-looking and progressive attitude, ensuring that all funds raised are used to defray necessary expenses and fund events for teaching purposes.

Global Outreach

In addition to our local workshops and events, the ISM embraces the opportunities afforded by the internet to reach spiritual seekers worldwide. Through online platforms like Zoom, we offer monthly workshops and regular Open Circles, providing access to our teachings and community to individuals across the globe.

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Join us on our journey as we continue to uphold the values of spiritualism, nurture spiritual growth, and provide a supportive community for individuals on their spiritual path.


Jeanie Jackson

Vice President


Doreen Winder



Julie Simpson

General Secretary

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