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ISM Accreditation

In our contemporary society, characterized by a myriad of regulations and standards, the importance of credibility cannot be overstated, especially in fields as sensitive as Mediumship and spiritual guidance. When engaging with individuals on both a personal and spiritual level, establishing trust is paramount. Achieving accreditation from the ISM, an entity renowned for its stringent standards in Spiritualism, serves as a significant mark of professionalism, offering reassurance to the public and clients that they are in capable and trusted hands.

The necessity for such validation is twofold: it caters to the public's demand for reliable and professional mediums, and it enables practitioners to maintain and aspire to the highest echelons of mediumship standards. Being endorsed by an esteemed organization like the ISM signals to the public that one is not merely a practitioner but a medium whose abilities and understanding have been rigorously evaluated and acknowledged by peers within the field.

This endorsement extends beyond a simple certification; it is an affirmation of the medium's comprehensive education and deep understanding of the spiritual realm. Since its establishment in 1956, the ISM has been instrumental in the development of mediums through its workshops, home circles, fledgling assessments, and a structured process for attaining the status of a Registered Approved Medium (RAM).

Thus, obtaining ISM accreditation is not merely about achieving a professional milestone; it is about demonstrating a commitment to the ethical and knowledgeable facilitation of spiritual exploration for the public. It assures individuals seeking spiritual guidance that they are engaging with a practitioner dedicated to upholding the highest standards of care and integrity in the field of Mediumship.


The ISM holds assessment meetings three times a year, which are usually held in the months of March, June and September.

Our next assessment dates are:

March 6th 2024

June 5th 2024

September 18th 2024 
(For more details, see the 'Events' page


Applications can be made via email to Doreen Winder, President, at the email address below:

All are welcome to support the mediums of tomorrow. Please come and be a supportive, sympathetic audience for these workers to encourage them to become better mediums. If you wish to take part, are able to use your gifts for a talk or a demonstration of Spirit Communication for about 15 minutes, or if you would like further details, then don't hesitate to get in touch with the RAM Registrar.

Any circle leader, who is considering a sitter has reached the stage where he or she may benefit from exposure to platform experience, and an assessment of their work in public, by an experienced panel.

On each occasion, a summary of the panelists' assessment will be forwarded to the aspiring mediums, hoping that it will be accepted as helpful advice towards becoming mediums of the highest possible standard. The Institute presents its Probationary Certificate to those workers who attain a sufficiently high standard.

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