ISM Accreditation

Importance of Validation and Recognition

In today's society of rules and regulations it is imperative that one has validation in whatever subject. With Mediumship and the Spiritual environment, it is very important for you are dealing with the public at large, their human aspect as well as their spiritual. By having an accreditation with the ISM, a professional organization, it brings peace of mind to the public and clients, knowing they have approached a professional within the field of Spiritualism.

Accreditation/validation is a necessity, for the public who seek professional mediums, for mediums who wish to attain and remain at the highest levels of standards within mediumship. Validation by a reputable establishment such as the ISM ensures the public that you are a medium who has been assessed fully and received recognition by your peers, current practicing Mediums.

It assures the public that you have received an in-depth education and have a full understanding of Spirit. The ISM was founded in 1956 and has long been established, and still is as a highly regarded organisation for developing mediums, with their workshops, home circle, fledgling assessments and that of a regulated process of becoming a RAM (Registered Approved Medium).