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Registered Approved Mediums

Members who are working mediums of experience may apply for Registration as an Approved Medium

(ISM/RAM) of the Institute. This requires a high standard of ability, detailed knowledge of Spiritualism and Mediumship, as well as expertise on the public platform. Applications from members of the Institute are subject to careful scrutiny and investigation. This can take a period of time and involves gathering information from churches served as well as a questionnaire to ascertain knowledge and understanding.

The ability to speak in public or to relay 'messages' from, or apparently from, Spirit is by no means sufficient. Good knowledge of the philosophy and history of Spiritualism and an in depth understanding of aspects of mediumship are essential. The 'Final Hurdle' to be cleared is a demonstration as speaker or spirit communicator before an invited audience. A panel of Registered Approved Mediums will either grant the award or provide constructive assistance for a future attempt.

For more details please email:

or phone 01376421976 (9am - 5pm Mon-Fri)

Approved Mediums

Listed below are some of our current working ISM/RAMs

If you are an ISM/RAM and would like to be added to the list, contact us via:

South East

Ann Clarke

Betty Stewart

Effie Rogers

  • Location: Little Hallingbury, Bishops Stortford

  • T: 01279 655731

  • Email:

  • Private Sittings: No

Julie Simpson

Paul Bathgate

Sharon Bonici

Andrew Tannock

Barbara Young

Bill Rich

Doreen Winder

  • Location: Witham, Essex

  • T: 01376 421976

  • Email:

  • Private Sittings: Yes

Jeanie Jackson

Jeremiah Scott

Kim Claydon

Matt Grogan

Poppy Bowling

Sandy Wilkinson

Sherry Wakeman

Stephanie Barrows

  • Location: Woodford, Essex

  • T: 07908 965893

  • Email: sbarrows20@aol,com

  • Private Sittings: Yes

Susan Breen

London and surrounding

Clive Teal

  • Location: SE London

  • T: 07813 203883

  • Email:

  • Private Sittings: No

Iris Bridgewater

  • Location: Leatherhead, Surrey

  • T: 07749 047135

  • Email:

  • Private Sittings: Yes

Jennifer Pickton

Linda Hudson

Linda Williamson


Beryl Norris

  • Location: Spaldington, East Yorkshire

  • T: 01430 430276

  • Email:

  • Private Sittings: No

Wendy Dixon

  • Location: Saltburn by the Sea, North Yorkshire

  • T: 07534 912230

  • Email:

  • Private Sittings: Yes

South West

Claire Broad

Geoffrey Hayward

Myra Bowman


Gerdie Ros

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