The process


Our mission...

The Institute of Spiritualist Mediums (ISM) sole aim is to promote, encourage and maintain excellence in Mediumship through education and assessment. This is achieved through local Branch workshops, study days and occasional residential weekend seminars, underpinned by a formal assessment and accreditation process.

Assessments are carried out three to four times per year and consist of a three-stage appraisal structure. Participants will be invited to one of a number of venues, where they will be required to present a prayer, a short address, followed by a demonstration of Spirit Communication, before a sympathetic audience. A panel of ISM RAM Assessors will be present to evaluate Participants and record any comments and constructive analysis. These shall be collated and subsequently sent to the Participant, to provide details of the result of their assessment. Membership of the ISM is mandatory prior to commencement.

1st Stage - Probationer's Certificate


This stage is open to all beginners.

The certificate is valid for two years but, according to the level achieved, the Probationer may move on to Intermediate level within this time.

Cost £20.00

2nd Stage - Intermediate Certificate


This stage is open to any working Mediums looking for ISM RAM accreditation, as well as Probationers who reach the required standard. Completion of a questionnaire on Spiritualism and Mediumship, as well as references from Churches/Centres will be required.

Cost £30.00

3rd Stage - Registered & Approved Medium


The final stage. Subject to full and satisfactory completion of Stage 2 requirements. RAMs are subject to a five-year reassessment.

Cost £30.00

**Upon receipt of the payment the applicant will receive a questionnaire on Spiritualism and Mediumship and will be asked for details of referees who can substantiate their mediumistic ability to date. (All correspondence will be treated in strictest confidence) A date for the RAM assessment will be offered to the applicant once all paperwork has been received and collated. After a successful assessment the new Registered & Approved Medium will receive a Certificate and be invited to renew each year on 31st December.

NB Membership of the Institute is obligatory for all RAMs if not already in place.
All RAMs are subject to re-assessment after 5 years in order to comply with the aims of the Institute.

If you would like to apply for ISM assessment at any level please contact;
Mrs Doreen Winder, 8 Achilles Way, Braintree, EssexCM7 9UN in writing or email: